Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Last Day..

We had our very last presentaion at Yarmouth Club before touring Maine Medical Centre. It is the largest centre we have ever visited so far, with level 1 trama facility and level 3 intensive care unit! We were very impressed by the high level of service provided.

We were then indivitually assigned to different units for observation, according to our professional field.

Jennifer went to Eyecare Medical Group, where 8 ophthalmologists work there. She was so delighted to observe the surgical section with Dr.Daly and the clinical consultations with Dr. Solish. She felt extremely welcomed by the whole team and was grateful for this comprehensive arrangement. She learnt so much with the enthusiasm of people she met there!

Time flies. We can't believe we are flying in 10 hours. We would like to thank all our host families and all people we met here. We would miss you folks :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

RI7780 District Conference day 2

Here are some pictures of our team in our culture outfit with the our hosts and the local Rotarians!

After seeing all the great pictures, I bet you would want to know how our second day at the District Conference was? 

We had a wonderful day again.  DG Ann Lee Hussey had invited her friend Candy Pierce (PDG RI5160, photo below in red) to give a speech at the breakfast meeting.  DG Ann Lee has been actively involved in the Polio in Africa which makes a lot of incredible good work to the world - visibly to the people in Africa and invisibly to all the hearts of people who cares.  On the other hand, Candy has been actively involved in a "Give Hope, Give a hand".   Her speech was really inspiring, lively and good.  Do visit this link for details, for sure you will be moved by the work they have done. 

Okay, after all the above picture, I guess you will want to see our picture with DG Ann Lee Hussey?  Hummm..... since we really want you to visit our blog as much as you can, so we will upload it tomorrow!!!  Stay tuned for the great pictures!!!!

district conference day 1

We are at the District Conference!!!!

There are so many "old faces" there and we are so happy that we got this great chance to do a mini-reunion!  Oppss... sorry that one of our team member's camera (which is... the one uploading this message now) got a crack in the lens, so in the meantime, you only can view these pictures.  Stay tuned, we will upload more later!

The DC start off with a community service of packing crutches to Africa, followed by lunch and seminars.  See these are some of the presenters for the seminars, Midget (for a jacket project), Peggy (for friendship program) and Grace (for GSE program).

Monday, May 9, 2011

Exeter/Hampton, New Hampshire

In the morning we visited the Exeter Hospital. It is a not-for-profit hospital with about 100 beds. We were introduced to the services provided by the hospital, such as the multidisciplinary breast clinic for patients with cancers. A tour was then given by the hospital colleagues. We left with good impression on the hospital.


The team then had a lunch meeting with the Rotary Club of Exeter. We were delighted that Burt (GSE Team Leader) and Darren (GSE Team Member) of the RI District 7780 were able to join us there! We also walked away with souvenirs of Rotary (coin of the 4-Way Test) & Exeter. We must thank the club for these special gifts to us! (& of course the other clubs as well!)

We then had a relaxing afternoon. Perhaps it was not so relaxing for the gentlemen as they went to the gym for their much needed exercise, while the ladies went shopping in downtown Exeter. In the evening, we met with the Hampton Club for a cocktail reception. We had a good time with each other, & food there was SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tasting Boston!

We spent our wonderful weekend at Boston!

Yesterday we visited the famous MIT and Harvard University. We had traditional Boston food at Durgin Park! We also walked along the freedom trail and toured around the North End.

Today is the highlight- the long-awaited Red Sox Game!

In the morning, we stayed with our host families. Jennifer was given a drive on a 81-year-old car by Craig! Jennifer, Vito and their hosts had a romantic walk along the ocean, tasting the Atlantic water!

All members were then driven to Boston with a limousine!

We were so excited at the Red Sox Game! Most importantly, Red Sox won! We were so impressed by the atmosphere! We had the famous hot dog there! Please note our specially prepared Boston caps and Red Sox t-shirts!

We had an awesome Italian dinner at L'osteria at North End. Last but not least, we ended our trip at Mark's Pastry!

What a Boston Day!

Thanks to Burt and Mae, our host families and the host clubs (Exeter, Hampton and Newburyport)!

Friday, May 6, 2011

From Portsmouth To Exeter

We began our day observing a surgical face lift at Portsmouth! Thanks to Joan and Leonard for arranging!

We were then amazed by Seacoast School of Technology. There are a wide range of classes like pre-engineering and health science, which are really beneficial for the high school students to have a taste of what they want to do as a career.

After touring Exeter Historical Society and American Independence Museum, we learnt much more about the history of the States and Exeter! We all took a picture with Abraham Lincoln!

The facilities at Phillips Exeter Academy is like a university to us!

We had an enjoyable evening at the cocktail reception at Ann's place!

After such a fruitful day, we all went home with our new host families!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vocational day

  Breakfast Meeting at Rotary club of Durham

Then, we have a wonderful tour at the University of New Hampshire, by Gene Harkless (Associate Professor of Department of Nursing). She introduced a new role in nursing - clinical nurse leader - who oversees the care coordination of a distinct group of patients and actively provides direct patient care in complex situations.

                                         Photo at the simulation lab

Class with student of nursing (CNL) student

Afterwards, we headed to Northeast Passage (NEP), which offers individuals with disabilities a wide range of opportunities to enjoy recreation and fitness with the same freedom of choice, quality of life, and independence as their non-disabled peers.

We have lunch at the Wentworth Home, a senior care center in Portsmouth.

Visited the Edgewood Center (senior care center)

Portwmouth Hospital Visit

Unoccupied room in intensive care unit

                                         Michelle: sooooooo relaxing!